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Collection Description

Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Loafers are the best of both worlds. For long drives, they serve as perfect men's driving loafers. For special occasions, they serve as the perfect fashion statement. The world of fashion meets a world of luxury with our premium-designed loafer shoes.

Premium Designs

Multiple styles, colors, and ultimate comfort. Our Men's Loafers seal the deal. PU Leather that easily slips on and off. Elegantly stitched detailing. Breathable lining with a latex padded insole. Classic square-toe or round-toe designs.

A Perfect Decision

Moccasin Loafers is the perfect pair of shoes for the elegant man. A decision-maker that for once doesn't want to make all the decisions. Is that you? Bruno Marc is way ahead of you. We've already made the decision to include anything required to make our Moccasin Loafers of the highest quality you'll find. The decision on how to manage a long day has already been made. Slip-on a pair of Bruno Marcs Moccasin Loafers and breeze in the office like you never left.

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Types of Loafers for Men

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are among the top tiers of men's loafers that have been around for a long time and are still very popular in the modern fashion world. And though these traditional shoes date back to the early 1930s, they are still appropriate to wear with a variety of current menswear.

Penny loafers have a sleek design that elevates the body appearance when worn. More so, they are versatile in style, comfortable to accommodate a variety of leg widths, and long-lasting.

Driving Loafers

One other pair of loafers for men is the Driving Loafer. The driver loafers come with a slip-on design that are easy to put on and off. They are created with comfortable and soft leather, suede or other materials.

Driving loafers are comfortable and made of a sleek design to elevate distinct looks. These shoes are available in different colors, with brown and black being the most popular. What’s more, these shoes are appropriate to wear round the year; whether it’s summer or winter.

Driving Loafers are classic loafers for men with a moc toe and stitching vamp. These shoes, also known as mocassins, have soles suitable for driving. Their high-quality design comes in a slip-on style that is flexible for feet. While the insole is latex cushioned for all-day comfort, the outsoles are lightweight for easy movement. These Driving loafers soles are long-lasting and durable for you to wear all through the year.

Tassel Loafers

Tassels are another type of loafers. These shoes possess a decorated tassel that is attached to the upper parts. Besides the avid design for diverse outfits, the fashionable shoes support and provide comfort.

Tassel loafers appeared in the 1950s when fashionistas wore them with a variety of outfits. Even as the world moved on to different types of modern footwear, tassel loafers are still very much popular. They are not only appropriate for suits, but they also go well with other kinds of men's clothing.

Kiltie Loafers

The Kiltie Loafers are another pair of nice loafers for men. These slip-on shoes have a well-stitched design that is edgy, comfortable, and supports your feet. Coupled with this design are decorated tassels, laces, or buckles.

Kiltie Loafers are leather-made and have soles that cover the shoe instep. These soles have a long life cycle that will last you all year. When it comes to versatility, kiltie loafers are suitable for different occasions, just like their colors.

How To Wear Loafers For Men

Wear Loafers with Jeans

One of the appropriate ways for men to wear loafers is to complement them with jeans. Although both the loafers and jeans are casual, you will always get the best style out of them. Loafers with jeans will exude an elegant look on any man who wears them. What you will always get is nothing less than a dapper appearance.

Jeans, like loafers, come in a variety of colors and styles, ranging from blue to black, skinny to cropped. While it may be somewhat hard to pair the duo always, you can shuffle through colors and fit them with the type you deem appropriate. Yet, it is best to go for black loafers because of their versatility in diverse jeans colors. Loafers with jeans are suitable for men to wear to evening dates and other casual weekend events.

Wear Loafers with Chinos

Wearing Loafers with chinos is another perfect match that no man should overlook. It is simple, casual, and fashionable. The combination will make you look dapper and create a radiance for your body. The duo is always ideal for men and is always elegant.

Chinos with loafers and close-fitted shirts are perfect men’s wear. When you have a casual event to attend in the summer, these combinations are appropriate to wear. Although loafers and chinos come in different colors, bright chinos are often appealing.

Wear Loafers with Suit

In most cases, loafers are assumed to be only appropriate for casual menswear and wouldn't match suits. However, you can still wear them with suits to certain events even if they appear less formal. But you must also know it shouldn't be frequent. When you're ready to wear them, all you have to do is figure out how to style them.

Loafers with a suit are appropriate for some casual or smart-casual events. When wearing suits, you should be more careful with the tie to avoid a mishmash. While you may be color selective, black loafers are often the best way to go. It is relaxing, stylish, and will give off the desired appearance.

Are Loafers Casual or Formal

Since their inception, loafers have complemented a wide range of menswear. Although they are generally considered casual, they can also be formal. It depends on how you can shuffle them to be anyone you want them to be.

In most cases, Loafer's style solely depends on the types of clothes you want to wear. While opting for a casual event, you can wear loafers with jeans. When it also comes to smart-casual events, you can add a simple touch of suits, blazers, or any other wear to your loafers, and they won't look bad. You can always have your way with loafers and have them be anything you want them to be. But it is also worthy of note that loafers are casual naturally.

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